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Teeth Related Questions

The process is performed by transplanting your own hairs follicles to the required area. Hairs follicles can be taken out from the scalp and other body area , usually Hair transplant is performed in which your hairs follicles are taken out from the back of the head, which is called donor area and then placed into the recipient area; where baldness and thinning is present.
The hair transplant is  usually successful, if the transplant has been done by an experienced and qualified plastic  surgeon; which can harvest the hairs follicles in such a way that the result would be good.
Hair transplant is a form of procedure in which  hairs follicles are taken out from the back of the head, which is called donor area and then placed into the recipient area; where baldness and thinning is present.
It depends on the skill of your surgeon and your donor site. if properly collected and properly stored and handled then 99.9 percent hair follicles survive and grows. besides these if you are smoker or alcoholic then chance of survival and growth is also minimal than normal.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia.In the start of the procedure there is little pain and discomfort while injecting local anesthesia; but it varies from the person to person. After the surgery, there is no pain with FUE hair transplant although after FUT hair transplant  there is severe pain on 1st post hair transplant day and for several days.

According to our rough estimation; the transplanted has been fully grown in 6 to 9 months. Sometimes it usually occurs rapidly or sometime it takes time depend on the  activity if hair follicle.

Fibrosis is the process which heals the skin after any cut or injury. Fibrosis are basically scarring. The hair transplant scarring is quiet depend on the handling of the surgeon; the more experienced the hair transplant surgeon is the more there are least chances of scarring. While with the modernization and technology; hair transplant techniques also get revoked. If the modern hair transplant technique FUE is used to transplant hair, then it is 100% guaranteed that there will be no visible scars.

The age doesn’t undermine that you are a good candidate for the hair transplant. It depends on the capability of the donor area (usually back or side of the head) that  it should have the productive hair growth.
After the surgery, infection can be occurring; which is very rare. If the infection does occur; it happened because the patients failed to follow the post operative instruction that a surgeon has asked him to do so. Even if the infection occurs; it is treatable by giving some antibiotics.
Firstly, you have to tell your surgeon and consult doctor about the medical problems you are facing if they are in control or won’t harm your body; then surely he will do hair transplant  unfortunately if you are suffering from any medical condition which become a hazard to the health than  before the hair transplant; our doctor gives suggestion and prescribed the medication to control the diseases. When it becomes under controlled; then surely a hair transplant can be practiced. In many diseases like thyroid, lupus, scalp psoriasis, diabetes, heart disease, etc. hair transplant has been performed successfully.
It’s good to remember that hair transplant will not create the hair; but in this procedure we distribute the hairs from the growth. Moreover,  this hair transplant can’t contribute to give the illusion that the hairs sustained thickness. The result can identify after the first session.

The hair transplant surgery is  less invasive even a person after the surgery can resume his daily  work after the day of surgery. You need to take a rest for one day and then you can get back to your normal life. You need to follow the post operative instructions.

Generally it depends on the area which a patient wants to cover or depends on the patient budget as well. If the top or crown of the head has good 4000 grafts to 6000 grafts can be transplanted in one single session.

Grafted hairs are not fragile even they are strong and have the capacity to grow rapidly. The texture and growth of grafts are same like the crown hair from where grafts are taken out. You can treat the hair grafts naturally same as you treated your other hairs.

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